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Experienced supervisor, supporting trainees and qualified counsellors

I am a qualified supervisor with a professional diploma (Northside Training) that is aligned with the BACP framework for supervision. Having experience in supporting a number of students through their counselling training, I can help you navigate dilemmas that can emerge. These include issues with your training provider or placement, ethical dilemmas and the impact your work has on your personal well-being. Using the seven-eyed model of Hawkins and Shohet as a basis for our work, I help you explore your counselling through different lenses, including the client's relationship with themselves, others and the world around them. I place particular emphasis on how the client's wider way of relating unfolds in your therapy relationship and how it is mirrored in our supervision dynamic. Using the BACP ethical framework as a foundation throughout our work, I ensure a safe and supportive supervision relationship that helps you navigate difficult terrain. To ensure a robust ethical way of working, I consult my highly-experienced personal supervisor as well as being a member of a group with three other experienced supervisors from different parts of the country. I charge £45 per hour for supervision, with a £5 discount for trainees.

Supervision: News and Tips
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