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Deciding on coming to see a counsellor can feel like a step into the unknown. I will help you start to explore what is concerning you in a space that feels safe and where you can assure what you say will be valued and understood. You may have been through loss or a significant change in your life, or having relationship problems. Sometimes we feel that our early experiences are coming back to haunt us and we need space to explore their impact. Helping you to explore your experiences in more detail and identify themes and patterns, I then work with you to consider choices and ways forward. I firmly believe, informed by my own life experience, that what can feel like a crisis can be a springboard towards new growth and a more fulfilled life.

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It is important to find the right counsellor for you. You may live in the York area and be looking for face to face counselling, or further away where online work would be more convenient. I offer a free 15-minute phone or Zoom call for you to discuss what you would like to work and on and to see if you feel we are the right fit. Please send an enquiry on the form below and I will aim to get back to you within 48 hours. For more information on how I work, please visit the FAQs section



As a BACP registered counsellor and Lecturer at York St John University, I am an experienced counsellor based in York and work with people with a wide range of issues. These include grief/loss, addictions, relationship problems, anxiety, depression, historic abuse and trauma. Led by your needs that emerge in sessions, I integrate other approaches to help you get the most out of our work. For example, we can explore behaviours and relationships with others in a way that helps you reconnect with people and the world around you, or ways to cope with anxiety to make life feel more manageable. This is all done with the foundation of a supportive, caring and safe therapeutic relationship. You can find out more about my background in the about me section.

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